Anime Review – Angel Beats!

angel-beats!-(S)If you like rock ‘n’ rolling on the floor with laughter then pick up your guitar and prepare to have your heart strings pulled! Angel Beats! takes you on a tumultuous ride and whether you board the hype train or opt for quieter transport there’s likely something in this gripping 13-episode series for you.

Now I wasn’t lying when I said Angel Beats! would take you on a tumultuous ride. It’s time to stock up and keep your tissues handy because you could be crying of laughter at the start of an episode before sobbing at the drama at the end. But don’t overlook the fast-paced, heart-pumping action which’ll keep you bolted upright and provides some balance and stability aboard the emotional roller coaster that Angel Beats! is.

If you were on an expedition to find beautiful art then you can stop and rest for you have found it. But upon your discovery you’ll be embraced with some compelling, deep characters – and unfortunately with some that are somewhat stereotypical. The persona’s conveyed are either filled with substance or feel a bit like an empty shell, and unfortunately no, you can’t put these characters to your ear and hear the ocean. But with a pretty big cast for a short anime this is to be expected. If it’s any consolation, the underdeveloped characters do receive considerably less air-time so it’s not too bad.

Angel Beats! Bringing the classroom together..with weapons. Source: P.A. Works
Angel Beats! Bringing the classroom together..with weapons. Source: P.A. Works

Nobody likes being pushed into thing. Well, unless that thing is very attractive person of the gender you’re attracted to! Back to my point, the sound that emanates from this anime perfectly compliments your emotional state without feeling forced in the slightest. It’s also worth noting that unlike other dubbing catastrophe’s this anime holds up well both dubbed and subbed, so don’t feel restricted when picking your viewing method.

Kanade looking badass as usual. Source: P.A. Works
Kanade looking badass as usual…and exceptionally angel-like   Source: P.A. Works

Now. I know what you’re thinking. And I’m getting there – the plot.

Do you like digging deep into a story or are you happy to take things without too much questioning? Admittedly, you’ll enjoy this anime more if you put on your rose-tinted glasses and look past a plot hole here and there, or a vaguely explained, open-ended justification of events. This is the make or break of this anime – if you need a clean-cut plot then you’ve come to the wrong place…like if you were meant to go to a marriage equality rally you somehow ended up inside three churches at once. You will pick up on things, and the eight and a half I scored this show will turn to a five in your eyes. As a side note the anime may resonate highly if you feel you drew the short straw in life. And if you’re happy to look past the plot flaws then you will enjoy it – and trust me, it has the potential to be a very enjoyable anime.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 8.5/10

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