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assassination-classroom-(S)Everyone has their weaknesses. Yes. Even you, you dashing specimen. Whilst Assassination Classroom definitely makes us aware of the weaknesses one has, it also grabs our hand and tells us we have strengths. Are you an academic? Good at sport? Or maybe we should get to where it’s really at and find out who can knit. But grab hold of a friend, because in true High School Musical style this anime shows that “we’re all in this together” (except for that guy who takes the last slice of cake, he is clearly going at it alone).

Assassination Classroom tells the tale of a band of special kids turned wannabe killers. They do so under the guidance of their teacher and target, the loveable, uproarious, Koro-sensei. What starts as lighthearted fun in this anime ultimately stays lighthearted fun, bar a few serious moments. So prep yourself to laugh and pack snacks. Why snacks? Because snacks enrich the viewing experience.

A voice calls out: “This plot sounds a bit much”. It isn’t. I swear. The plot sounds a bit mad, to the point where me telling others of it makes them look at me like i’m retarded. And this is true, I am. But not for this reason. If you think it sounds dumb then I just say give it a chance. If you’re not hooked or enjoying yourself by episode 4 (my personal favourite) then I grant you my blessings to move on.

Assassination Classroom: Where the teacher everyone's trying to assassinate dresses as an assassin. Because he can. Source: Lerche
Assassination Classroom: Where the teacher everyone’s trying to assassinate dresses as an assassin. Because he can.   Source: Lerche

The animation is done quite nicely, particularly during critical moments. It’s fluid and easy on the eye. Unfortunately, for an anime about assassination the colour scheme is absurdly bright, and while complimenting the perky nature of the anime it also detracts from the overall focus of assassination. The anime also feels rather incomplete as it currently stands, with no meaningful insights given into Koro-sensei’s motivation behind helping a classroom of struggling students.

The anime also features a rather large cast and, just like chocolate bars, not all characters are created equal. Different characters show different levels of development, from fully fleshed out to “oh, it’s episode 20 and I never knew this guy existed”. But it’s important to note that this anime (and associated manga) is to continue, so these shortfalls can be expected to resolve in the future.

All in all this anime is a bit of fun. Think sprinklers in summer! With likeable characters, meaningful life lessons and enough humour to turn even the foulest moods to that of glee it’s high time you sat down and watched.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 8/10

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