Anime Review – Baccano!

Baccano-(S)Click. BANG! That’s the signal! Grab your stylish hat, your most powerful gun, and employ your sixth sense (you’ll need it!). What Baccano! confronts you with is exciting, fun, mildly disturbing and incredibly unique.

You’re all ready to go? Well let me brief you first. Baccano! is a perfect blend of crime, action, comedy and the supernatural bound together in a beautifully wrapped, non-linear style of storytelling. You may be thinking. “That’s a bit ambitious!” And it is! But Baccano! pulls it off so well that you’ll be left wondering “what is linear even?”

If you’re not captivated by the classy opening then the characters will surely enthral you. With a diverse range of fascinating personalities – from the hilariously lovable to the psychopathic, you’ll be watching them on the edge of your seat. However with so many important characters in only a 13 episode series it can feel as though the development of some characters was sacrificed (Yes Chane Laforet, I’m looking at you). But don’t let that deter you cause other characters are fleshed out in full, and you will love them like an ice block on a hot day.

It's impossible not to love Isaac and Miria with their fun-loving and clueless personality. Source: Brain's Base
It’s impossible not to love Isaac and Miria with their fun-loving and clueless personality.   Source: Brain’s Base

Admittedly, the first few episodes of Baccano! can feel a little daunting. It has multiple storylines and you’re flung head-first into the middle of all of them. But pull that magnifying glass out of your pocket and get inquisitive! Here you get to play the role of detective as you piece it all together. Don’t worry, it’s not hard – rather, it’s rewarding and adds to your enjoyment! Embrace it.

Despite not being a recent anime its animation holds up quite well, and is far from outdated. So don’t let the fact that it isn’t the newest thing stop you from giving it a bash. However a word of caution – there is a lot of blood. Like…heaps. So if you hate violence with a passion enter slowly and with caution.

Peculiar, quirky and oddly addictive. If you’re ready for some supernatural viewing (pun intended) then Baccano! is begging to be added to your ‘watching’ list. Consider heeding its call.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 8/10

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