Anime Review – Blue Exorcist

Blue-Exorcist-series-imageSwords. Powers. Religion. Grab them and mix them in your cauldron (yes, you own a cauldron…don’t lie to me you sexy witch/wizard). Ok. I’ll stop being weird. But if you thought this sounded like a messy concoction then you’re not wrong. Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) has it all.

Enter. The devil…well, his son but whatever. You might be thinking, “I’m not a fan of the devil’s son.” But you’ll be a fan of this one. Why? Because he glows freaking blue. And like…personality, he’s kinda a good guy (the unimportant jazz). What you really need to know is that he glows blue.

Blue Exorcist starts fast. Doors are slammed. People possessed. Holy water thrown (I know…insanity!) It’s all quite cray cray – but it sucks you in like an event that promises free food. And once you’ve started you’re in it till the end.

In a strange way i’d liken the pacing to Attack on Titan – whereby an event at the beginning of the anime immediately springs the alarm. Then, once you’re sufficiently addicted the pacing slows slightly and an evolving (and somewhat sneaky) plot takes the stage.

Gotta love a guy that glows blue, even if he is a little excessively violent. Source: A-1 Pictures
Gotta love a guy that glows blue, even if he is a little excessively violent.    Source: A-1 Pictures

And where there’s a stage there’s people to perform on it (you would hope so anyway). Or in anime terms, characters to perform on it. To put it simply, for the most part the characters in Blue Exorcist were solid. I really liked Amaimon and Shura – well, besides her needlessly excessive cleavage. But they weren’t all great. Some felt a little generic and could of used a dip in the rainbow pond. In case you were wondering the rainbow pond is a pond of rainbow swirls that makes characters more unique. And yes – I did come up with this right now.

I really liked Shura. She's a little sassy and has awesome hair. Source: A-1 Pictures
I really liked Shura. She’s a little sassy and has awesome hair.    Source: A-1 Pictures

As for our main character Rin – who occasionally glows blue – he is surprisingly only half in the rainbow pool. You’ll like him no doubt, but he can be a little temperamental to the point where you just wish he would calm down a notch sometimes and stop trying to solve every problem by trying to smash it.

One of the great aspects of Blue Exorcist is the balance between plot progression, character development, and amazing action. Think physical weapons. Think magic. Now think of both at the same time. I know right – pretty cool. The action in this anime is dynamic, gripping, a little bit unsettling and rather fun to watch. Tension is held at key moments and cliché finishes aren’t the norm.

Nothing says action like a person being pummelled into the ground. Source: A-1 Pictures
Nothing says action like a person being pummelled into the ground.    Source: A-1 Pictures

To compliment this the animation is as fluid as a fast-moving jellyfish (pretend it exists), and transitions between shots well when shiz gets serious. The art is also engaging and a rather alluring, but this is all to be expected when A-1 Pictures is in charge of it.

So it turns out the Devil’s son isn’t that bad. And neither is the anime built around him. Blue Exorcist is actually a great watch – but it isn’t overly original. Expect to enjoy yourself – don’t expect anything too new.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 8.0/10

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