Anime Review – Code Geass Seasons 1 & 2

code-geass-series-image-1 code-geass-series-image-2 There you stand. Independence? Check. Free will? Check. Happy as a bee in honey? Check. And then you meet Lelouch. The arguably audacious prince. Now you’re playing with pigs in the mud like it’s your lifetime hobby. How did this happen? Ask Lelouch.

Persuasive doesn’t scratch the surface. Coercion gets you a little closer. But really it’s complete control that hits the mark. And it’s this concept that drives perhaps one of the greatest anime series of all time. Just in case there was any confusion…yes, I was talking about Code Geass.

Packed to the brim (and quite possibly overflowing) with colourful characters, gripping action, mastermind strategies and emotional tugs. It’s an odd mix but it’s like seeing a snowman wearing a cool hat in that it’s impossible for you not to be impressed. Especially as it takes genres that don’t intertwine too often and makes it seem as flawless as Beyoncé‘s single ladies dance routine. And that’s only the start.

While mecha isn't my favourite genre Code Geass defies the odds. Plus, I discovered I'm a sucker for mecha aerial gymnastics. Source: Sunrise
While mecha isn’t my favourite genre Code Geass defies the odds. Plus, I discovered I’m a sucker for mecha aerial gymnastics.   Source: Sunrise

Plentiful yet still highly unique – there’s more to the characters than meets the eye (sneaky pun intended). Code Geass supports a huge cast, and while the reality is that not every character is fleshed out in full, many supporting characters are presented in a way that gives you a complete feeling…like that one time you finished a game of Monopoly. Characters have distinct traits, aims and methods of doing things. And while yes – the focus is often on mastermind Lelouch – the anime still reminds us that other characters are quickly evolving too. As for the main cast. Well, they’re a cut above. Intricate personalities with insanely interesting motives. From Lelouch to Suzaku, and even C.C, they each offer something new. And if by some chance you don’t love them all then rest assured they’re still guaranteed to at least keep you entertained.

I love C.C. and her love of pizza. Source: Sunrise
I love C.C. and her love of pizza.   Source: Sunrise

Now. The plot. Strap on your seatbelts…or don’t, you might want to live dangerously. But I can assure you it’s a one of a kind anime you’re looking to watch. The intellectual component of the plot nears that of Death Note. Yet there’s fast paced action too. Not to mention scenes that made me so emotional I cried like a 3-year-old who lost his rubber duck. This is, to date, the only anime that has brought me to tears. But honestly you’ll probably shed a few too. It’s an intense watching experience amidst being in awe of the plot, absorbed by the battles and then crying at the deep moments. It delivers what others cannot. That’s right, Code Geass will make you orgasm (just kidding).

It's not all action and diplomacy. There's also a good dose of fun added to the mix! Source: Sunrise
It’s not all action and diplomacy. There’s also a good dose of fun added to the mix!   Source: Sunrise

The animation and art is also incredibly well done. For an anime that started nearly 10 years ago now it still looks beautiful. It’s crisp and clean (did you think of crispy cream?) and ultimately just leaves your eyes feeling happy. Especially with a myriad of intense fights it’s impressive to see that quality wasn’t sacrificed.

It’s an anime that offers as much to its viewers as dance music offers parties. More gripping than a strength test and with enough twists and turns to keep you searching for that maze exit. I must admit. This is my favourite anime of all time. And I couldn’t recommend watching it enough.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 10/10

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