Anime Review – Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu

You thought Full Metal Panic! was funny? You thought wrong. Actually I wont lie to you (not today), you thought right – but if you compare the original title to its Fumoffu counterpart, then Fumoffu takes funny and turns it into laughing-like-a-hyena hilarious.

If you’ve watched the original Full metal Panic! series, you’ll know it flicks between ridiculous high school comedy and some seriously intense military operations (and somehow does this naturally). But like a kid with too much homework, Fumoffu has little time for military operations – and is all about that strangely aggressive high school drama.

This anime is more suited to those looking for a quick, light-hearted escape, as opposed to a storyline with depth. There’s no ever evolving plot here. Episodes are often (but not always) broken up into two bite-sized 10-minute segments, and like chomping into a chocolate chip cookie they’re extremely enjoyable. The micro-stories (as I shall name them) are engaging and backed by the incredible characterisation of Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori.

The dynamic duo themselves.   Source: Kyoto Animation

Who?” You ask. Sousuke – a regimented guy who’s proficient in military protocol, but has no common sense outside of the battlefield. Consider an exceedingly dense person you know – hand them a grenade and put them in a high school. I know what you’re thinking – nothing could go wrong. As for Kaname, well, she’s your classic, relatable school beauty. However she has an angry side that would send even the burliest of school jock’s running.

Know that it’s truly these characters that make the series. If you passionately dislike Sousuke and/or Kaname then you’ll undoubtedly struggle to get on board. If this anime was Christmas then think of the characters like the presents you receive. iI you’re not a fan of the presents then Christmas is ruined.

I see you giving me a strange stare… Don’t pretend like Christmas isn’t just about presents. Because it is (joking).

I told you the oppressive violent side of Kaname Chidori existed.   Source: Kyoto Animation

Note that watching the original Full Metal Panic! series will make this anime more enjoyable – much like adding extra cheese on your pizza. Simply because you’ll understand the dynamic between characters and likely be a little more invested in them.

As a 2003 series, the art and animation isn’t the latest and greatest. But it has a unique charm and is far from bad. As the focus is on comedy rather than intense action it isn’t bothersome in the slightest, provided you’re not ridiculously fussy.

If you’re a fan of being incapacitated by laughter, of a quick escape, and fun treat to unwind with after your day then this is the perfect series for you.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 9/10

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