Anime Review – Ghost Stories

If I asked you to french kiss your mother-in-law and you thought ‘absolutely yes’, then you’ll be please to know that while you are indeed crazy, you’re still not as insanely inappropriate as Gakkou no Kaidan, or Ghost Stories.

Whip out your ghost hunting kit and get ready to check those frequencies, or like, whatever ghost hunters actually do. This episodic based series follows a group of unhinged high schoolers as they seek to re-contain a group of deadly ghosts. You may have guessed that with a name like Ghost Stories this must be horror. But if you’re watching the dubbed version (and I really hope you are), then it’s all about that comedy.

Before you go any further, this review is indeed all about the dubbed version. Wondering why? To put it simply, the Japanese original was so bad then when this series was dubbed, the voice actors were given (mostly) free reign, and i’m glad they were. Because this ad-lib voice acting is what makes Ghost Stories so great.

Satsuki casually trying to figure out how to kill a ghost before it kills her.   Source: Studio Pierrot

In the beginning the anime snobs of the world treated the dubbed version like an unfaithful nun that needed to be excommunicated. But slowly, they (mostly) came around. The reason is simple. The dubbed version is absolutely hilarious and so much more fun to watch. This is probably the only time i’ll ever say it – stay away from that subbed version people!

With this fresh new dub comes completely reinvented characters. And just like yourself they’re genius. Momoko the overly religious Christian is a standout star, and our main character Satsuki shows us the definition ‘aggressively insecure’. Honestly all of the characters are gems. They have no filter, and you’ll be left howling in laughter as the sassy, unexpected banter continually rings through.

The crazy cast in full!   Source: Studio Pierrot

But even better than the banter is the storyline. *Looks at the ceiling*. Okay, that’s an outright lie. However, despite the fact that a lot of the focus is on making you fall to the floor giggling, there is still a light plot at play. Believe it or not this cast is on a mission, and they’ll stop at nothing to rid the world of any ghost provided it tries to kill them first. While the plot is a nice added touch it isn’t the reason you should sit down to watch this series, and as it’s from the year 2000 don’t expect incredible art or animation.

If you haven’t gotten lost in the spirit realm then Ghost Stories awaits you. Don’t expect an amazing story. Don’t expect top-notch animation or art. But what you can expect, and can certainly be guaranteed, is that every episode will make you hoot with laughter (yes, hoot). This is a one-of-a-kind anime that had one job. And it performed it superbly.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 9/10

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