Anime Review – Infinite Stratos 2

infinite-stratos-2-series-imageIt’s Time!…No…not for that, George. Put…put your penis away. You may be thinking – what made George get his penis out? Well, Infinite Stratos 2 is kinda similar to watching soft porn. Like, it’s pretty much soft porn.

You may be thinking, “I love awkward soft porn” – and if you do that’s great! But wait, keep your pants on a minute longer. Because honestly you’re much better off skipping to the real deal and taking your pants off there. And if you needed convincing then note that the art and animation in Infinite Stratos 2 is also pretty poor.

Usually i’d tell you about the plot. But in Infinite Stratos 2 there is so much fluff and fan service that literally, full disclosure, I have no idea what the fuck happened in this series. Well, besides our sole male character Ichiga Orimura conveniently falling on boobs and vagina’s. That happened a lot, and god was it awkward.

What you’ll typically find in an episode of this facepalm of an anime is 16 minutes of watching desperate girls try to impress Orimura via wearing minimal clothing and being overly clingy, followed by four minutes of plot (if you’re lucky).

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A visual representation of this anime. Source: 8bit
A visual representation of this anime.    Source: 8bit

There is literally a moment where one girls tells Orimura he can call her by her name, before running off and panting behind a wall like she was an espionage spy who’d just discovered something groundbreaking. Like…calm down.

If you do decide to give this anime a shot (which I highly recommend that you don’t) then avoid watching the dubbed version because the voice acting is pretty poor and Rin in particular sounds like nails screeching their way down a blackboard. The accents from other characters are also pretty cringe and the whole thing just made my ears unhappy.

This image may make this anime look cool, but don't be fooled. Source: 8bit
This image may make this anime look cool, but don’t be fooled.    Source: 8bit

The bottom line is that this anime is pretty horrid. They could have at least given us a reason as to why all the girls love Orimura. As it stands he’s as uninspiring as slow Wi-Fi. Like…make him hot. Make him strong. Give him a magical penis. This poor guy needs something.

I could go on. But there’s really no need because there’s not too much to say about this. The plot? Nonexistent. The characters? As exciting as being kept on hold. The art and animation was poor, and the fan service was overbearing. Save yourself the time, watch something better.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 2/10

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