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kill-la-kill-cover-imageKill la Kill is about 90% action, 70% comedy, 60% soft porn, 40% drama and 325% insanity. “What?” You say. “That doesn’t make sense!” Well neither does Kill la Kill half the time, but that’s what makes it so great.

To sum up Kill la Kill in a word I would have to go with refreshing. Not as in “I just smelt a bunch of flowers and it was glorious!” But more of a, “I’m going to offer something that hasn’t been done before, and I don’t care if I look bat-shit crazy doing it.”

From ludicrous fight scenes to outlandish comedic displays and its somewhat niche art style, Kill la Kill isn’t afraid to be different. But if you’re sitting there, eyebrows raised, thinking ‘hmm, not convinced.’ Then stay with me. Once you realise it’s an anime that thrives on fast-paced action and still makes the strongest characters female, you’ll know this anime brings something rather unique to the anime kingdom. And that isn’t all. Delving skin-deep, rather than fan service which hinges on exposing females, Kill la Kill keeps a balanced approach and isn’t afraid to show off the men too. Yes ladies, for once you haven’t been forgotten. Admittedly I may be pushing too much praise here. There’s still more focus on the females and the sheer frequency and intensity of the fan service does become both overbearing and annoying.

With lots of action and the bad guys (mostly) looking badass, it's a pretty good watch. Source: Trigger
With lots of action and the bad guys (mostly) looking badass, it’s a pretty good watch.   Source: Trigger

This aside, possibly the most stimulating aspect of this anime is its flexibility. You can choose to watch it as a comedy, an action-packed thriller, for its lunacy or even for its storyline – which I hasten to add, starts off a little rough but develops like a tadpole turning into a splendid frog. What does that mean? I’m not really sure, but it’s one interpretation of evolution and hence it must be good!

But don’t stop there my friend! You can even view the anime on different levels of meaning. Perhaps you want to take it for face value. Fancy a parody? Or engage in some high level thinking about school structures. Your will is Kill la Kill’s command. Just don’t wish for incredibly crisp animation, because you won’t get it. But hey, it’s impossible for it to stay impeccably smooth and keep up with the anime’s ludicrous nature and wild fight scenes, and the art style is by no means bad. It’s just a bit different.

Violence is also not restricted to fight scenes. Fists are raised and scissors (yes, scissors) are pointed at every opportunity. Source: Trigger
Violence is also not restricted to fight scenes. Fists are raised and scissors (yes, scissors) are pointed at every opportunity.   Source: Trigger

But unfortunately there isn’t a single anime that’s for everyone. If you’re one who needs a perfect plot line, has an incessant hate for absurdity and/or frowns upon non-stop extremist action and flaunted fan service, then Kill la Kill might not float your boat. If any of these are huge deal breakers then I advise you enter with caution. But keep an open mind and bring along some supplies for repairs. This is a one of a kind anime and you might just surprise yourself.

So, you’re thinking of giving it a watch? A few episodes in and you’ll probably be thinking “what did I just commit to?” I mean, it’s a lot to take on and this anime is in a way akin to a retarded dude who only knows how to hit things. But give it a decent shot, there’s a charm in there amongst the lunacy that you might just discover and love.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 7.5/10

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