Anime Review – Log Horizon Season 2

Log-Horizon-II-(S)Colourful to its core, steeped in mystery and with just enough action to satisfy your soul. Yet Log Horizon Season 2 is like a puzzle where you lost a quarter of the pieces. While you can kind of see an outline of what’s happening, it never entirely makes sense.

It started strong. Problems arose. Journeys embarked on. You’d sit there with your popcorn wide-eyed and eager to find out more. Yes. The occasional unnecessarily long monologue would pop up and you’d wonder, “can I fast forward this?”

But for the most part you were happy – and then you reached episode 13. It was here where everything turned into a sadistic case of Where’s Wally, whereby in this context Wally was the point of the anime itself.

I searched high and low. Heck, I even wrote down what happened and tried to piece it together. But I eventually came to the sad conclusion that nothing will save you from the mess that is dumped on your doorstep in the second half of this series. Intriguing concepts are never followed up on. Pointless monologues exist where a simple sentence would suffice. Random characters are either poorly introduced or revealed as if they’re meaningful, only to seemingly be forgotten and hardly referred to again. Move over Oscar the Grouch, we need room in your bin to can the second half of this series. This being said I will reiterate that the first half was quite good. It was just a shame the second half was seemingly padded with so much filler and had such a loose structure that Albert Einstein himself would probably have difficulty piecing it together.

Sassy, funny, and a little messed up. Can't deny it. I'm a huge fan of Tetora. Source: Studio Deen
Sassy, funny, and a little messed up. Can’t deny it. I’m a huge fan of Tetora.   Source: Studio Deen

Season II saw the introduction of Tetora, one of the more lovable and progressive characters i’ve seen to date. And while I welcomed his antics with open arms I was a little less in favour of others. The love triangle involving Shiroe, Akatsuki and Minori, who is clearly underage, continually pops up at awkward and unwelcome moments. The anime will begin talking about an interesting political dilemma only to stop you in your tracks and remind you of the underage love triangle at play. To make things worse the role of female characters seemingly falls to new lows as well. Akatsuki and Nureha are no longer portrayed as strong, independent characters. Not to mention the bulk of the main cast of female adventures play support roles. But that’s not all, there’s a whole guild with one guy and one-hundred girls who fawn over him. It’s as backwards as putting meat on a waffle!

With all this said this anime did have some strong points. The animation was really well done, and while fight scenes were somewhat few and far between they were also engaging and kept you bolted upright in your seat. Colour complimented the mood and setting well and the sound served its purpose well heightening both the action packed and emotionally heavy aspects.

To sup up it was an interesting anime that probably could of worked wonderfully as a 13 episode series. While the animation and sound were great it was greatly let down by morally unsettling character relations and a plot that seemingly emerged from a dream diary. Seriously, if you’re looking to raise your IQ forget brain training, watch this and try piece it together.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating: 5/10

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