Anime Review – Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Mikakunin-de-Shoukoukei-obsession-series-imageSometimes… I can be a little obsessive. Like that time I committed to catching all 700+ pokemon (it happened). But this doesn’t hold a candle to the level of obsession in Mikakunin de Shinkoukei. Yup, it’s next level.

But obsession doesn’t make it bad… just occasionally a little uncomfortable. I joke. Well, kind of…because arranged marriages are also part of the Mikakunin de Shinkoukei deal, and while it’s presented rather cutely there’s something about arranged marriages that make me want to punch whoever tried to set it up in the face. I mean I wouldn’t. But i’d kind of want to (I’m not aggressive I promise).

Despite the whole arranged marriage fiasco and the traditional love triangle turning into the ‘unruly over-the-top triangle of unrestrained obsession’, it’s actually a rather adorable story (yes hard to accept after my introduction but believe me). The plot could have been developed a little further though as sometimes it felt like they were just filling up space to buy time with rather boring events. Like, you can only sustain my attention with the fact someone is a fussy eater once…for about 20 seconds, not on multiple occasions for minutes at a time.

See...I wasn't lying when I said the level of obsession was strong. Source: Doga Kobo
See…I wasn’t lying when I said the level of obsession was strong.   Source: Doga Kobo

While cute, the anime was admittedly a little hit and miss. There were some moments that made me smile however there were also moments like the cliff-hanger deja vu cliché of an ending that will simply made me go, “really?” It’s a little bit much, similar to if someone seriously tried to tell you the sky was fluoro green today.

Conversely to these lacklustre moments was the art. It was pretty. Like Zac Efron pretty. Ok, maybe not that pretty. But it’s bright and engaging and for the most part it fit perfectly with the relaxed tone of the story. Likewise character design was tailored to their distinctive personalities. But as for these personalities – well, they were a little uninspiring.

I want to see more of this style running in anime. It oddly makes me happy. Source: Doga Kobo
I want to see more of this style running in anime. It oddly makes me happy.   Source: Doga Kobo

While some characters are cool cats with slightly annoying voices i’m happy to overlook. Others, such as the main character Kobeni, are a little bit boring (she loves cleaning like come on that is not realistic). Seemingly content with her life of domestic drudgery I couldn’t help but feel both Kobeni and her oddly quiet lover Hakuya were a little one-dimensional. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed their awkwardly adorable couple shenanigans, but a few more dimensions to balance out their characters would have been well received.

When looking at Mikakunin de Shinkoukei as a whole it’s essentially a mildly disturbing story packaged as a cute slice of life/romance anime with a little supernatural twist. Don’t expect perfection – but as long as you’re not hungry for action or iffy about overly weird characters then it’s likely this anime will be a somewhat enjoyable watch.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 6/10

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