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One Punch Man ReviewHe’s the man who drops his enemies as fast as I slut drop to ‘Get Low’ by Lil’ Jon. And just like my retarded dancing, Saitama, the one-punch man himself knows how to go about his business in an unrestrained style.

From punching holes in mountains to defeating powerful foes with the flick of his wrist. He’s the guy who gives zero fucks as he sends anyone and everything packing (he even makes the avengers look bad). But is there more to this overly powerful hero so nonchalant he’d keep watching tv even with the apocalypse impeding?

The quick answer. Not really.

But it’s this fact that sets him apart. He is what he is. A simple guy with simple thoughts  – and it’s something so different to see amidst the myriad of ‘high-achiever’ anime protagonists that it’s ingeniously hilarious. Forget a realistic threat and the need for concern. As far as One Punch Man is concerned common plot elements aren’t needed. And really now, who needs a plot when you’ve got comedy?

Wha– you do? Well, apologies my friend. An intricate plot doesn’t exist here. I mean, he’s One Punch Man because there is no step two. In recipe world One Punch Man is two-minute noodles, and if you were looking for the crème brulee then you’ll likely be severely disappointed when you realise you’ve got the two-minute noodle plot line. But it isn’t about plot. It’s about comedic brilliance and drawing attention to the commonplace absurdity that takes place in many action packed anime.

Clearly not enough firepower. Disappointing Genos. Source: Madhouse
Clearly not enough firepower. Disappointing Genos.   Source: Madhouse

Despite lacking depth, the characters are still well defined and fit for their purpose. Above all else they’re as memorable as the time I played a tree in the end of year drama play (yes, you can have my autograph). From the overly zealous student Genos to the wild and bratty Tatsumaki. And who can forget Mumen Rider. Mate. Mumen Rider. He’s the real star here.

Lets not deny it. We all know Mumen Rider is the real MVP. Source: Madhouse
Lets not deny it. We all know Mumen Rider is the real MVP.   Source: Madhouse

And you’ll be glad to know these characters are beautifully presented and animated so fluidly you’ll literally be left in awe. It’s honestly some of the best art and animation out there. Sorry Picasso. The sound compliments the action and the comedy flawlessly. It’s hard not to be impressed. Honestly if you know someone who says the animation and sound of One Punch Man sucks then never trust them again because they’re either an outright liar or they’re the kind of person who has awful judgement and thinks animal fur furniture is nice.

While lacking a plot line there’s still a pretty high chance you’ll find this anime enjoyable. This is the kind of action anime that’s in it to make you laugh. Along with the jokes add in some badass yet blissful characters and animation that puts HD filming to shame and you’ve got what you need. In short, don’t take it too seriously and you’re in for a good time.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 9/10

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