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Overlord-(S)The name Ains Ooal Gown may sound like it was stolen from a retarded 14th century aristocrat. But step back…cause like, he’s a pretty big deal.

As the main character of Overlord, this skeleton knows no boundaries. But what sets him apart from the rest of the rulers? Is it his exceedingly deep and commanding voice? The inner dialogues that make him mildly bipolar? Or simply the fact that he’s a god damn skeleton (a very grand and clean looking one might I add). Well, all of the above. But Overlord runs a little deeper than the main character. Well, kinda.

So you’re probably thinking, “ok this anime is a little weird…” Correct. It is a little, but weird is by no means bad. Overlord is often likened to Log Horizon or the ever controversial Sword Art Online due to its “stuck-in-a-game” roots. But unlike the aforementioned where one is simply stuck in a game, Overlord places you in a new world. It’s not quite the reality you’re used to, but there’s a few more dimensions than the game itself had. In this sense this anime is more like an exploration of a new world with gaming elements rather than purely a pre-existing game world.

Aura and Mare are too cute. Also...their different coloured eyes are pretty cool. Source: Madhouse
Aura and Mare are too cute. Also, their different coloured eyes are pretty cool.   Source: Madhouse

Fascinated? Well you should be! While only a 13 episode series this anime covers some pretty cool content. There’s a lot to take in, but it makes the discovery of this new world fun by not giving you all the answers right away. In fact, no one seems to have all the answers in this new world. And with no wikipedia page to turn to you’re left to discover it with the main characters. It may sound a little frustrating, but think of it from the perspective of Dora the Explorer and you’ll realise it’s the most exciting thing since cotton candy.

While the plot’s pretty cool it also ends in the middle of nowhere. Some loose ends are tied up while new plot elements are alluded to, hinting at a second season. Yet with no official announcement it leaves you on the edge of your seat, not quite sure where to go. Overall, it’s pretty entertaining to watch and will generally leave you satisfied.

Sassy and strong. Nabe destroys both with strength and verbal prowess. Don't mess with this maid. Source: Madhouse
Sassy and strong. Nabe destroys both with strength and verbal prowess. Don’t mess with this maid.   Source: Madhouse

A heavy focus is placed on Ains Ooal Gown, or Momonga, to reference his auxiliary name. And while we get some great insights into his personality, perspective and goals, we also realise he should never have children, because god forbid what he will name them. No but seriously, the focus on him is so heavy that the other characters seem to lack development and differentiating qualities outside of Albedo’s intensely awkward over obsession and Mare’s adorable shyness.

There is one final problem with this anime. This is that with Momonga being made so impeccably strong complications barely feel like complications. You know everything will be fine and it slightly detracts from what could otherwise be suspenseful moments.

Yet as this isn’t the end of the storyline these harsh comments must be taken with a grain of salt…or a shot of vodka, whichever puts you more at ease. While one can’t say for sure, there’s every possibility if a second season is made it will fill in the blanks of the first. The animation and sound is also done really well with some strong fight scenes to keep you enthralled and appealing colours to keep your eyes smiling.

The bottom line? This is an entertaining fantasy anime, yet it has the potential to be so much better by fixing its few flaws. My fingers are crossed for a second season which does this.

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 7.5/10

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