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Rakudai-Kishi-no-Cavalry series imageIt all starts with the swish of pink fairy floss hair, the draw of a sword, and a tyrant teenage girl with an astonishing sense of superiority. Now you’re probably thinking “fairy floss is delicious!” And it is. But it’s time to put your sweet tooth aside as we uncover the person wearing this beautifully coloured hair – Stella Vermillion. As well as, perhaps more importantly, the focus of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Chivalry of a Failed Knight) itself – main character Ikki Kurogane.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ok so there’s nothing you absolutely need to know. These characters aren’t too special. The rundown? They’re both strong fighters (like the majority of main characters from action-based anime). Ikki even overcomes adversity by being insanely powerful despite having no natural magic ability (evinced by being ranked the lowest possible – F – in this field). Stella’s violent beginnings mellow as the series progresses and Ikki is loved by every man, woman, dog, ferret, blade of grass… (the list goes on). Driven, dazzling and mildly delirious – these are the faces taking up screen time in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. And before I forget to mention.

They’re also in love.

Best. Hair colour. Ever. Sources: Nexus and Silver Link.
Best. Hair colour. Ever.    Sources: Nexus and Silver Link.

Well, supposedly. Don’t get me wrong i’m a sucker for romance. But only when it feels real. The romantic beginnings of Stella and Ikki come across a little contrived. Some moments were cute. Some moments were incessantly annoying. Yet all throughout the series it felt silly that a fresh romance founded on so little was the driving force and inspiration behind tackling every challenge. Their romance was like a bee without honey – it just didn’t quite feel right.

I'm happy to look past the fact he should of been shot about 30 times in this scene if you are... Sources: nexus and Silver Link.
I’m happy to look past the fact he should of been shot about 30 times in this scene if you are…     Sources: nexus and Silver Link.

But there is a part of this anime series that did feel right – the action. For the most part it’s fascinating, leaving you enthralled as the clang of blades or collision of elements take up the screen. It’s showed through high-quality, sexy animation (note: sexy not sexual – the annoying sexual scenes happen away from the action) and features alongside suspense-building sound. However while there are some fights that’ll have you pondering the outcome, there are others that have an obvious end result before a sword is so much as drawn.

Shizuku is potentially the most fun character to watch fight. Sources: Nexus and Silver Link.
Shizuku is potentially the most fun character to watch fight.     Sources: Nexus and Silver Link.

My main strife with Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is that the whole plot revolves around qualifying for an upcoming tournament. That’s right – forget the main event. It’s like if I watched the Olympic qualifications and then someone asked “Hey! Are you interested in watching the Olympics?”

“Nah – I find the qualifications way more exciting,” said pretty much no one ever.

But look past the awkward romance and strangely anticlimactic plot. It’s worth noting that this anime is still pretty fun to watch overall. The actions scenes lift the show considerably and while I bag out many aspects of this show, they’re still far from the worst i’ve seen. If in doubt give it a go. Note that the first two episodes are slightly more annoying than the rest. So hand down your final verdict after episode three (once the overly annoying and incestuous dust settles)!

Thank you for reading my review!

Rating 6.0/10

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