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School Rumble ReviewLove triangles. They’re undeniably a fun staple of romantic comedies. But who would of guessed they’d be much more fun, and much funnier, when everyone involved was adorably oblivious and exceedingly dense.

Before you ask. Yes, this is the situation in School Rumble. Between the odd and socially awkward Kurasuma, the charmingly slow Tenma and the resident delinquent with a heart of gold, Harima,  there isn’t a dull moment in sight. Not to mention the slew of other remarkably unique characters to make up a cast as dynamic and lovable as videos of puppies playing with kittens. And it’s ultimately these characters and their interactions that make School Rumble so great.

The development and diversity of the cast is, dare I say, nearly unrivalled in its genre. Here we don’t have five characters who’s personalities have an 80 percent overlap. Each one is distinguished and offers something new to bring together this awesome school drama. But more-so than their traits is the way they interact with each other. It seems simple, but with such a variety of strong personalities you realise the interactions are rather unique. From martial artists interacting with perverts to snobby rich girls getting along with the class outcast. It’s different and it’s done in a hilarious way that makes it almost impossible to dislike the cast. Literally most of the characters, but in particular Tenma and Harima, are as likeable as people who give you free food when you’re hungry. And don’t pretend like you don’t love people who give you free food…

Because who needs guns when you've got a bow and arrow. Source: Studio Comet
Because who needs guns when you’ve got a bow and arrow.   Source: Studio Comet

But while great, School Rumble might not be for everyone. The humour is niche, and while it’ll click with many it just might not click with you. If you’re not actively finding the show funny by around episode three then chances are School Rumble isn’t your cup of tea. Similarly if you want an anime with a plotline that progresses then this anime most definitely isn’t going to tick that criterium off your list. Like, if School Rumble was a person who had to recite the alphabet in 26 episodes then they didn’t even get past B by the end. Literally the show goes nowhere.

Yes. Odd humour. Odd characters. And I love it. Source: Studio Comet
Yes. Odd humour. Odd characters. And I love it.   Source: Studio Comet

But that’s ok, because just like my relationship with early morning rises, it doesn’t try to go anywhere. It just tries to make you relax a little and laugh. The animation, while not the sharpest out there, worked really well to compliment the humour that binds the show together. Keeping in mind the anime was created back in 2004 and you realise you can’t really fault it for this. Likewise the sound was fitting and added to the fun.

While not for everyone, School Rumble is a refreshing anime that uses spectacular characters and amusing humour to bind together a show about a love triangle train-wreck that goes nowhere. If you’re just looking for an awesome comedy that’ll help you wind down and bring you fun times then this anime is for you.

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Rating 9/10

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